Step 1. Pick the product you like.

Pick any smartwatch from HiFuture

Step 2. Come to the Product Page, Click the Button “BUY IT NOW”.

Click on buy it now for smartwatch from HiFuture

Step 3. Confirm your information. please fill in your shipping address if you’re new. Then click the button “Continue to Shipping”. Please note that you could fill a coupon code to get a discount if you got one.

Checkout from HiFuture

Step 4. To further confirm your information includes the contact way, shipping method, product value, etc. Click the button “Continue to payment” if everything is ok. Also, you could click the button “Return” anytime if you need to back to the previous step.

Continue to payment

Step 5. Choose a payment method, HiFuture supports PayPal and Credit cards. After payment successfully, feel assured waiting for your package.

Choose payment method to buy products from HiFuture

How to Purchase from Your Shopping Cart?

1. Add the product you like to your shopping cart.

Send product to checkout

2. Open your cart, if click the button “CHECKOUT”, it would be same as the Steps 3 to 5 above. If click the button “Paypal”, it means you’ll pay for the product directly via PayPal.

Select payment method from Chcekout


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